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We are served since4 Years

RVF from a standing point

Ripple vision had stated the total dedication of a child right to learn. Striving to meet the goals had been the major dilemma of touching the lives of every Nigeria child. Promoting the total summation of the foundation is in the cries of rural children who had reached the schooling age but face poverty with a smiling face. The vision of the foundation had not lost it touches to seek the life of a Nigeria child and the society.

RVF Highlights
The Ripple Vision Foundation is a non-profit organization currently providing scholarships for children in Nigeria through its efforts, Ripple Education Matter Africa children across Nigeria state have received assistance with their educational needs.

  • Educate and empower young people
  • Develop leaders
  • Empower the local Nigeria community
  • Empower young people
  • Stimulate the local economy
  • Ongoing enhancement, development and training of all educators, counsellors and staff

Who We Are

We believe that every child Future deserves to be secured and to be empowered through quality Education, Working in rural communities in Africa we are striving to ensure that children are given the chance to go to school and learn.

Where We Work

We began our work in Nigeria in 2016, Nigeria which is currently reported to have over 10.5million children displaced and out of School, we started with a weekend School program for 38 out of school children in data Benue state and we have expanded to UPU rural community in Nigeria State where we are currently enrolling 56 out of School children to a regular base school and providing them with all the study materials needed.

What We Do

We work with both Local volunteers and partners to provide sustainable lasting solutions that have a lasting impact in the lives of the children. We Focus on identifying out of School children and enrolling them back to School through a partnership with the Universal Basic Education public schools, and also we sensitize parents on the importance of educating their children.









Our Team

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